IntelliTurf has roots of building backyard putting greens in the Chattanooga and North Georgia area dating back to the late 1990’s.  We are golfers and our synthetic turf putting greens can hold a shot from 180 yards away and they putt great.  The look and feel of our golf greens also separates us from all other imposters.  When you install an  IntelliTurf putting green, you are getting the best looking and best performing green available in the artificial grass industry.

Custom Greens – Every green is custom designed and built for your property, the way you want to use the green (Chipping and Putting), as well as your budget.  Our process is to make a thorough site assessment and determine what is possible.  We take the time to meet with you and get a full understanding of your vision.  By matching our decades of experience with your property, budget and vision, the resulting golf green installation will deliver many memories you will treasure with family and friends.

Quality – any one can slap down a road base and some turf in your yard.  Having an understanding of the game of golf and the experience of how golf greens fit onto not just your property but into your life helps us to design and install a truly unique amenity that will help you lower your handicap.  A backyard  putting green may even help you take a few pennies off your friends or help a daughter to achieve a college scholarship.  What we do know is you will love having a great golf putting green in your backyard that requires very little maintenance while providing years of fun.

Our golf greens perform like natural grass greens.  IntelliTurf backyard putting greens hold shots and roll true.   If you have a desire to flip some 60 degree wedges while you are flipping steaks, we would love to come see your property and help make this a reality.

Contact us today so we can help begin your backyard putting green transformation.

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